Your Most Reliable London Florist Is Getting A Digital Facelift…

Let’s face it – there isn’t a thing that is made to last forever. And when it comes to the digital era we are living in, change is more than needed. That is why we decided to fully rebrand our digital edition and prove you why we are ready to exceed your expectations.

Just like our luxury roses and premium flower delivery services in London, it’s all about details in our offices. That is what motivated and inspired us to make the online flower shopping even easier for our beloved Londoners – which you are likely to see as of January next year.

They say the new year ahead is all about change, both in terms of digital trends as well as in terms of rebranding and making things easier for the customers. Obviously, that is a perspective we are sharing as well. For that reason (and a ton more), our London online flower delivery service is going to get a lot better.

As you may know, we have never failed to provide you the most luxury flower service suited to your ceremonies, events and special occasions. Well, our entire new digital redesign is the most special occasion to us – and a thing that is going to accent the efforts we put into The Diamond Roses as London’s No. 1 luxury florist.

Things are about to change and get a lot better. Until then, you have a chance to register and get our emails – or why not shop for luxury flowers? You can still do that!

Oh, and the best part? As much as we don’t want to spoil things for you, we are happy to announce that along with our website redesign, we will introduce you to a new world of online shopping, ready to redefine your perspective of luxury flower shopping at its finest.

If you can’t wait to see what we have put together (just like us), register to our email list and you will be the first to know as soon as our website goes live!