Privacy Policy

Here at The Diamond Roses, your privacy is of utmost importance. This is why we take extra steps in ensuring that your privacy is protected, and that this protection is upheld at all times. The use of your information is governed by procedures and guidelines outlined in this policy.

The use of this Website, which typically requires input of your information, is synonymous to your acceptance of the terms contained herein and our use of your information as agreed upon in this policy.


Collected Information

As governed by the stipulations of the Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller for all collected information through the site is (The Diamond Roses, Flat 6, 9 Station Road, London, NW4 4FA,, +447792901997). The contact information for this data controller is provided for at the end of this document.

It is with the highest assurance that any information we collect from you will be used in a lawful manner. Furthermore, we shall employ such information primarily in the processing of your orders, so we can provide you with the most efficient service possible.

By using the website or any of its services specifically during enquiries we will also be collecting your information in the process. This information may include your name, age, phone number, physical address, e-mail addresses, and financial information such as your credit card or debit card details. We will be using this information to respond promptly to your enquiries or verifications.

We uphold your privacy at all times and will never collect personal and sensitive information without your permission. Should we need to get in touch with you, we shall be communicating with you through email, telephone, or post.


Information Use

Any information you allow us to access will be stored in a UK-based database. Our company staff, including those who provide us with support services, may be able to access this information as needed. Furthermore, this information may be shared with third parties, including suppliers and banking service providers, when required. To ensure the delivery of top-quality products and efficient services, we work with third-party suppliers and may forward the details of your order including your contact information. However, sensitive financial details such as your credit card and/or debit card shall not be accessible to them.

With your full consent, we may forward your personal information to relevant third parties who can provide you with useful information on products and services that you may find interesting and valuable. You may consent to this forwarding of information to third parties by clicking on the option tabs or boxes as you make orders from our website. Where you have agreed, these third parties may communicate with you via e-mail, telephone, or post, or through other means.

The sharing of your information is dependent on your permission; without your consent we will not forward your information to any third party whether for marketing or other purposes.

Aggregate information through the use of our website may be forwarded to third parties; however, this information will not include anything for the purpose of your identification.

Unless you have given us your consent, we will not contact you via email or through SMS and MMS, except in the confirmation or further verification of orders.

Where you have decided not to receive any marketing information from us or third-party sites, you may opt-out from getting any marketing information from us or from third-party sites by emailing us, accessing our Help page, or, in case you receive an email from us, by clicking on the unsubscribe button.

Should we decide to forward your personal information/contact details beyond the EEA, or the European Economic Area, and the transaction is not within the bounds of fulfilling your order, we shall obtain your permission before such transfer takes place.

It is with the highest efficiency, accuracy, and security that we store and update all user information in our system as needed. For the updating of information, however, we trust on your timely and necessary notification. In return, we shall be responding to any updating or deletion requests as timely and as efficiently as possible.



When you access our website, our system may store cookies in your computer, except if you have specified not to release your personal information to us. Cookies, which are small details of information on your browsing habits and histories, are stored in your system so you don’t need to re-enter the same information as you continue to use our website. Cookies are also helpful in that we can tailor the kinds of web pages we show to you, thereby enhancing your browsing experience with us.

You are given the option to accept cookies or to decline them. Although the automatic acceptance of cookies is done by most web browsers, you still retain the option to decline cookies. You may accomplish this by changing your browser settings; or in cases when you are notified of the option to accept or decline cookies, you may choose to receive or refuse as deemed necessary for you. However, the decline of cookies may affect the functioning or performance of a website as you continue to use it.


Security Matters

We maintain strict security procedures as a means to protect any information you have shared with us. We ensure this to safeguard your information from unlawful parties or entities and from damage and accidental loss. Any information we have accessed from you will be retained in our database for as long as it is considered lawful. However, we cannot assure the security of the transmission of information all over the World Wide Web. We shall employ realistic procedures in the protection of your personal details, however, we cannot assure its security. The disclosure of your personal data will be done only in the event of our acquisition by another party, if we sell our business, and only when we are authorized by law.

Should you request to have a copy of your personal data, we can procure a copy for you for a fee of £10, which we will use to cater to administration expenses.

We may effect changes on this policy at any time, and in the event of significant policy changes, we shall be posting these updates in our website.

In case you have further queries or comments on the manner by which we store, use, or transmit your information, you are encouraged to contact and address your queries to (The Diamond Roses, Flat 6, 9 Station Road, London, NW4 4FA,, +447792901997).