Refund Policy


As a consumer, you have the right to cancel your transaction prior to the delivery of the products and to return the purchases to us within seven (7) working days from the date of the receipt of the product. However, you maintain responsibility in ensuring that the products as well as the packaging of these products remain in good condition.

After notifying us of your intention to return the products, we will credit the cost of the aforementioned products to your card within a period of 30 days from date of purchase or payment. Should you fail to return the products you have already received or should you fail to shoulder the expenses in returning them, we will deduct all direct expenses in the recovery of the products from the amount that we will be returning to you.

However, there may be cases when it is impossible for you to cancel the transaction. These instances include the purchase of personalised products, or if the products are capable of quick deterioration.

Email us at  for any refund issues so we can assist you in your concern in the most efficient way possible.



Since the products, specifically flowers, are perishable and quick to deteriorate, we suggest for you to file your complaint within one working day of the delivery date of your purchased products.

The freshness of the delivered flowers are guaranteed for seven days; however, in cases wherein the flowers have arrived damaged in any way or have wilted in the course of seven days, you are eligible to take a photo of the products and email them to us at

We will refund you the purchase price, including the delivery expenses and return expenses, of all damaged products. To cater to the refund of the return costs, please do provide us with the necessary receipts.

In the event that the products returned us are not damaged, we will be compelled to have you pay for the products and to shoulder the expenses incurred in returning the products to us.